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Deleyaman – Deer on the Run

Taken from the new album, Sentinel.

Written and performed by Deleyaman

Art Direction by Deleyaman and Jeremy Floret

Video by Jeremy Floret (Melting Arts)

Edited by Jeremy Floret and Deleyaman

Website :

The deer is on the run

The edges have come undone

The sweet and the bitter

Shine straight down through the sun

There’s talk of a place

Somewhere by a lake

Wrapped in fields of love

Where everything has been said

From ancient myths to darkest hours

The amber light in the sky

The nearest of the distant stars, say

Happiness hides on the hills

Sometimes it sleeps and sometimes kills

When the blue’s not yet black

You can see the distant crack

They say it’s the horizon

Close your eyes and turn your back

Lyrics : Aret Madilian Written & performed by Deleyaman Aret Madilian : vocals, guitar, keyboards, percussions, drums

Beatrice Valantin : vocals

Guillaume Leprevost : bass

Mădălina Drouvin Obreja : violin

Gerard Madilian : duduk